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Weather and science of auto racing

By Jack Williams ©2015

Although I've focused on writing about meteorology and other atmospheric sciences since 1982, I've never passed up a chance to write about auto racing. An April 3, 2010 story on the BBC Web site from the Malaysian Formula One race, "McLaren & Ferrari rue rain errors," gives me an opportunity to get into how not only meteorology but other... »

Science Lessons from Bitter Cold

By Jack Williams ©2015

The strong winds and bitter cold that the new year 2010 brought to large parts of the United States has put wind chill in the news. This, like any outbreak of cold, windy weather, offers high school physics teachers in places where people are talking about wind chill an opportunity to relate the laws of thermodynamics to everyday life. Elementary and middle... »

Teaching the Science of Weather

By Jack Williams ©2015

Many non-meteorologists, including otherwise well-informed adults, don't realize that weather forecasting is a science. Meteorologists who visit schools with the message, "If you want to become a weather professional, study all of the math and science you can," are sometimes asked, "why do I need to study science to be a broadcast meteorologist?" Their parents, like other adults, could well have the... »