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Pilot answers: Upper air data and forecasts

By Jack Williams ©2015

Q: I use RUC soundings for flight planning, but I am befuddled by the following: When I enter a station, load the Op40 soundings, and hover with my mouse over the loaded graph I see  bold numbers on the far-left near the Pressure (mb) line, and light numbers appear directly underneath my cursor with a dynamic pink line drawn from... »

Aviation Contributes to Better Forecasts

By Jack Williams ©2015

This column originally appeared in the June 2005  issue of Flight Training Magazine. ©By Jack Williams and Flight Training Magazine.  All Rights Reserved Piecing together weather Aircraft weather data alphabet soup Here are some of the acronyms for aircraft weather data systems. ACARS: Aircraft Communication Ad-dressing and Reporting System, operated for the airlines by Aeronautical Radio Inc. (ARINC) -- the communications link between pilots... »