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Answers: Aircraft altimeter errors

By Jack Williams ©2015

Q: Can you help me understand in very simple terms altimeter error when flying from high to low pressure areas and from low to high areas?  I am studying it but its just not clicking.—Mark, Noblesville, Ind. A: To answer  your question I'll begin with some basic information about aircraft altimeters and then use the diagram below to help you see... »

Answers: Weather Radar

By Jack Williams ©2015

Q: I have been reading your column in AOPA Flight Training magazine for several years and I wanted to let you know you have inspired me to become very interested in the weather and especially how it effects my flying. My question is about where I can find the raw SD radar weather reports.  I see them briefly mentioned in... »

Answers: Extratropical Cyclone Winds

By Jack Williams ©2015

Q: My question is about your article in the November  AOPA Flight Training magazine on tropical cyclones.  I'm trying to reconcile two potentially different ideas: first, that a cyclone has swirling air (which I assume to mean the the air masses are rotating around the Low), and second, that the warm front and cold front are generally in the same... »