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Science Stories about Arctic Blasts Missing in Action

By Jack Williams ©2015

The New Year has brought us a blizzard of stories about frigid temperatures and snow storms, but I've been unable to find any stories that closely examine what's going on. I had been wondering whether I just hadn't looked hard enough until I read the Jan. 6 Knight Science Journalism Tracker blog and saw that Tracker Charlie Petit is also searching... »

Ozone Story Challenges Science Writers

By Jack Williams ©2015

NOAA's announcement on August 28, 2009 that nitrous oxide is replacing chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) as the most abundant ozone-depleting substance emitted by human activities offers a big challenge to science writers. Making sense of ozone and the substances that deplete it is always difficult because the atmospheric chemistry involved is complex. This story is a continuation of the story I tell in Chapter... »