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Answers: Storm Winds

By Jack Williams ©2015

Q: Why doesn't an extratropical cyclone continue to rotate around a 360-degree axis, like a hurricane?  I've always wondered why a cold front begins to the northwest of the low center and then dies out on the northeast side. Why doesn't it continue to just rotate?  How does the Coriolis effect play into all of this? Jeff, Pensacola, Florida A:  The answer... »

The Other Important 40th Anniversary

By Jack Williams ©2015

The Page One Cover Story in the Friday, August 14 issue of USA TODAY, "Woodstock: More of a curiosity than a benchmark in 2009?" (online) is just one among the many such stories newspapers, Web sites, and television and radio networks (including NPR) are running to mark ... »

Ask Jack: Humid Air

By Jack Williams ©2015

Q: Why is humid air less dense than dry air? Matt, LaGrange, Ga. A: At first it might seem strange that humid air is actually less dense than dry air at the same temperature.  Most of the time we say things... »