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Answers: Weather balloons and airplanes

By Jack Williams ©2015

Q: Hi, I enjoyed "Rise Up" in the March 2010 AOPA Flight Training magazine.   I wonder about  the danger of those weather balloons and noted your  comments about there being "no danger" as it's floating down under parachute. But really, hasn't there ever been an incident or accident associated with one of these balloons where one of them (either... »

Almanac Forecasts: Mostly Hot Air

By Jack Williams ©2015

If you want to see steam come from the ears of someone who cares about the science of meteorology, ask him or her something like: “What does the Farmer’s Almanac say December is going to be like?” One good answer from the meteorologist could be: “I’ll toss a coin; heads December will be cold, tails it will be warm.” The... »