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Jack’s stories clear fog surrounding humidity

By Jack Williams ©2015

Since soon after becoming the founding USA TODAY Weather Page editor in 1982 Jack realized that many people were in a fog when they talk about topics involving water vapor in the air, that is humidity. Below are links some some of Jack's Capital Weather Gang stories that attempt the clear some of the mental fog surrounding humidity.   After the Weather Gang... »

Washington Post upgrades Web weather

By Jack Williams ©2015

The Washington Post is jumping headfirst into using weather to attract readers; something television stations have been doing since the 1960s but that newspapers have mostly ignored. In his Dec. 10 Sunday column Andrew Alexander, the Post's Ombudsman,  said: "Many readers have called or e-mailed asking what's behind the expanded . The answer: opportunity, and a fierce battle for the... »

Snowy science lessons

By Jack Williams ©2015

From the afternoon of Friday, Feb. 5 through the afternoon of Tuesday Feb. 9, I spent roughly eight hours shoveling snow, thanks to the record-breaking "Snowmageddon" that brought two to three feet--in some cases even more--of snow to the Washington, D.C. area. Shoveling snow is a good time to think about the science of winter storms, ice, and even some basic... »