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U.S. once had China-like air pollution

By Jack Williams ©2015

Stories about the choking air pollution in China prompted Jack to write a Washington Post Capital Weather Gang story on Oct. 25, 2013 about an episode of deadly pollution that sickened  and killed people in the small Pennsylvania manufacturing town of Donora in 1948. Jack first researched the Donora pollution disaster while writing Chapter 11 of the AMS Weather Book: The... »

Wildfires: A Window into Science

By Jack Williams ©2015

The stunning images from the wildfires sweeping parts of the Los Angeles area offer a good way to illustrate how science helps us understand the world. Other wildfires in the future will offer similar opportunities for teachers, writers, and broadcasters. The opening of Chapter 9 of The AMS Weather Book is an example of how this can be done. It takes readers... »