Arctic & Antarctic Writing

Williams began reporting on science in the Arctic and Antarctic in 1997 when the National Science Foundation selected him as one of two newspaper reporters to go to Greenland to report on research at the Greenland Summit ice-coring camp. He was one of a half dozen reporters the NSF selected to go to Antarctica in January 1999. He later made three other reporting trips to Greenland and one to report from a U.S. Coast Guard icebreaker conducing Arctic Ocean research. During this trip he also filed stories about Arctic science in Barrow, Alaska.

On the scene: Greenland 1997

On the Scene: Antarctica 1999

The term “blog” had not yet been coined in 1999, but that’s what Williams’ daily journal reports from Antarctica, such as those below, would be called now.

The Reporter’s journal from Antarctica index has links to all of Williams’ reports.

On the scene: USCG Icebreaker Healy and Barrow, Alaska, 2001

On the scene: Greenland 2001

During this trip Williams filed daily reports, these would be called a blog today. Unfortunately, the links to photographs on the files no longer work,

On the scene: Greenland 2004

Stories reported from conferences, or from the office via phone calls or e-mails

Answers about life and science in the polar regions