Jack writes section of National Geographic book

By Jack Williams ©2015

Jack wrote the weather section–one  of five–in the National Geographic Illustrated Guide to Nature: From Your Back Door to the Great Outdoors, which came out in early 2014. The other sections are: Wildflowers, Trees & Shrubs, Rocks & Minerals, and Night Sky.The book is generally a field guide with brief descriptions of each phenomena, It has full-color photos for each one and a small explanatory graphic for several of them.

The Illustrated Guide to Nature

The Illustrated Guide to Nature

The Weather Section opens with a discussion of the causes of weather, beginning with solar heating of the earth.

Some of the topics include:

  • how humans affect weather
  • 28 different kinds of clouds
  • various types of kinds of precipitation
  • the different forms of lightning
  • various kinds of storms ranging from small thunderstorms to large extratropical cyclones,
  • the different kinds of winds
  • globs-scale l ocean currents.

One section briefly explains phenomena that affect large areas of earth including El Nino, La Nina, the Arctic Oscillation, and the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation. It describes the different kinds of fronts and large areas of high and low atmospheric pressure that are named, such as the “Bermuda High.”

Illustrations of 14 kinds of optical phenomena including rainbows, sun dogs, and the green flash help readers identify them.

The section ends with information on how weather is observed and forecasts, weather dangers, and safety rules.




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