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Story ideas, contacts NOAA story ideas NOAA 2012 news story archive NOAA: News contacts, etc U.S. NWS HPCs six-day forecast maps NWS graphical forecasts HPC Hazards Briefing, maps ENSO briefing NWS Selected Cities (daily highs/lows) Tropical cyclones NHC active cyclones NHC  Eastern Pacific outlook Joint Typhoon Warning Center NHC Tropical Atlantic outlook Unisys Tropical Cyclone Archive Severe Storms SPC Home Page - links to major products NSSL: Severe storms climatology Climate NCDC: Climate monitoring home page Climate change and ozone depletion... »

Pilots weather: the atmosphere aloft

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While most people are concerned about the weather only at ground level, pilots and meteorologists focus on what's happening aloft. Pilots need to understand weather away from the ground because that's where they fly. Meteorologists need to track the weather aloft because it's the key to understanding and forecasting weather at earth's surface. This page is not an introduction to the weather... »

Weather Links: Hurricanes

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If  you live along the U.S. Gulf or Atlantic coasts, or just want to keep up with hurricanes or other kinds of tropical cyclones elsewhere in the world, the links below will take you directly to information you need or want. Atlantic Basin Forecasts and Outlooks To learn whether a tropical depression, tropical storm, or hurricane has formed over the Atlantic, Caribbean... »