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Q: Are The AMS Weather Book Supplementary Texts available as a whole, in one digital file, such as a PDF file (or perhaps even in hard copy)?  I would like to print and to keep those supplementary texts with my copy of The AMS Weather Book.  If so, please provide the ‘Net location from which I may download.  Thank you.

Dan, Potomac, Md.

A: First for those who aren’t familiar with the Supplementary Texts, they are on a University of Chicago Press Web site and have material that would otherwise be in The AMS Weather Book’s footnotes or end notes, suggestions for further reading or more information about topics covered in the book, and even some “outtakes”–brief sections that were originally intended for the book, but which were cut to keep the book to a reasonable size.

While neither the University of Chicago Press nor the American Meteorological Society, the book’s co-publishers, have the Supplementary Texts available for sale, you can go to any particular page you want to copy on the Web site.

Then, using a Mac, I call up the page I want to copy. Under “File” I select “Print.” This brings up a box with the printing options. At the bottom left corner of this box I click once on the “PDF” button. I then double click on “Save as PDF.” This saved file can then be printed.

This is probably more information than you or many other readers need on how to save and print a Web page, but I can’t assume that everyone knows how.

The good news is that the few Supplementary Texts Web pages I tested look much better than most Web pages do when you save them as PDFs and then print out, The page design is simple–some might say dull. But the design does the intended job.

I don’t know whether saving a Web page as a PDF file that can be printed out is done the same way on a PC.If someone who’s familiar with PCs e-mails me on whether the procedure is the same or not, and if it’s different includes information how to do this on a PC, I’ll send you a signed copy of one of my books–your choice.

This is the only option  I can think of for downloading and printing pages from the supplementary texts. But, I am e-mailing this question and answer to both the University of Chicago Press and the AMS, in case either is interested in looking into a better way to make the Web material available in print.

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